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Project Description

A gradebook, class scheduler, and (eventually) a school-wide management system for k-12 schools.


This goal of this project is to create a unified system that will equip educators, school administrators, and parents with the ability to easily manage each and every aspect of the students education, and provide the students with a tool that will allow them to stay on-top of assignments as well as track their progress throughout the school year.

There are several viewpoints which this system will address:
  • Teachers
    • Gradebook
    • Attendance
    • Parental communication
  • Administrators
    • Reporting
      • Attendance
      • General and Standards based
      • District-wide tracking
    • Class Scheduling
    • Disciplinary Actions
  • Parents
    • Student progress
    • Teacher Communication
  • Students
    • Assignments
    • Projects
    • Activites

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Technology & Coding Practices

This system is based on the .Net 3.5 framework. It is developed primarily in C#, but VB modules are welcome. The backend uses SQL Sever database, and is accessed using Linq to SQL. The system adheres to a strict N-Tier structure with each layer consisting of one or more assemblies. This will allow the system to scale as needed and possibly adapt the business or data tiers to a service oriented architecture in large scale deployments. My initial thoughts are to use WPF for the UI however it is not one of my strong suites. I can certainly be persuaded in that direction if someone with a strong WPF skill set were to join the team.


I am looking for individuals with a wide range of skills. The only requirement is that you are passionate about what you do. Listed below are a few of the skills that would be a great benefit to the project:
  • Database Architects
  • .Net developers (C#/VB)
  • Anyone who has working knowledge of the school system
  • UI Coders/Designers

Additional information

Littlefish is an Illinois coporation based in the Chicago area. All code is registered under the GNU General Public License and may be freely distributed according to that license. The littlefish logo is a registered trademark of Littlefish Inc., and no individual company or otherwise may use the logo for any purpose (other than to distrubute with the program) without express written consent from Littlefish inc.

If you would like more information about Littlefish Inc., please contact me at

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